Thursday, 29 January 2009

Introducing Kirsty Macleod

We would like to introduce Kirsty Macleod.

She is an aspiring singer/songwriter and is currently unsigned.

We are starting to introduce her to other musicians and radio stations through our networks as we think she is remarkably talented.

If you would like more information about Kirsty then email us at

Below is a video clip of Kirsty playing Cerulean Blue. Enjoy....

Kirsty Macleod's Cerulean Blue

Below is a video clip of Kirsty playing a song she wrote called 'Falling'.

Kirsty Macleod's 'Falling'


Dazza said...

I like that you are supporting unsigned musicians!! Good on you. I had heard this already and it's a beautiful tune.

Much love to you all,


Karalyn Branscombe Photography said...

A Star is born!!! You are going to be huge girl!! Love the song, fabulous on the guitar and your voice is magnificent! Best of luck to you. Good on you Denyse and friends for supporting new artists!


Brother Tobias said...

Probably breaching etiquette to use someone else's blog to say this Karalyn, but Kirsty says thank you for your comments - she appreciates it a lot.

Karalyn Branscombe Photography said...

Hello Brother Tobias. :)
I just saw your comment now as I am back again to comment on her other song, Cerulean Blue. I really think she is fabulous! Does she have a CD out? I would love to buy it. Any more songs to hear? 15 is quite young still to be heading out into the land of *Fame and Fortune*, but all the power to you. :) I'm definitely a fan. YOU GO GIRL! Your welcome for the comments. :)