Friday, 27 February 2009

We've moved!

We've moved to a brand new website which comes with it's own blog.

Come on over and visit us at The Spectrum Agency.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Introducing Greg Harper

Greg is an unsigned singer/songwriter. He played at a 'Tongue and Grooves' event recently and was an absolute pleasure to listen to. Here is a YouTube clip of 'Birdsong'. There are several more YouTube clips available (as well as audio clips on Greg's website) for you to enjoy.

Birdsong by Greg Harper

Click here to visit Greg's website

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Introducing Kirsty Macleod

We would like to introduce Kirsty Macleod.

She is an aspiring singer/songwriter and is currently unsigned.

We are starting to introduce her to other musicians and radio stations through our networks as we think she is remarkably talented.

If you would like more information about Kirsty then email us at

Below is a video clip of Kirsty playing Cerulean Blue. Enjoy....

Kirsty Macleod's Cerulean Blue

Below is a video clip of Kirsty playing a song she wrote called 'Falling'.

Kirsty Macleod's 'Falling'

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Double Book Launch Thank You

The double book launch was a huge success and we would like to thank everyone for coming along to help DJ Kirkby and Chris King celebrate.

We would like to thank Daren Callow for his performance of 'Shrek Rap' (written by Casdok). Below is a video clip of Daren singing and playing at the double book launch.
'Shrek Rap' written by Casdok and performed by Daren Callow at the double book launch

Reviews of the book launch can be found here:
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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Order of events for the Double Book Launch

Thank you for purchasing a ticket to (or expressing an interest in attending), the double book launch of 'From Zaftig to Aspie' and 'motorbikes, ducks and crispy sweet apples'.

We are aware that many of you are travelling a considerable distance on the night and therefore thought that it would be helpful for you to have a copy of the order of events so that you can plan your journeys:

Order of events for the double book launch on January 26th 2009:
8-8.20 Mingle time with complimentary drinks and live music
8.20-8.30 Welcome talk
8.30-8.40 Musical interval and Raffle tickets sale for prize of a copy of each book
8.40-9.10 Readings by authors and one off performance of 'Shrek Rap' (written by Casdok and performed by Daren Callow)
9.10-9.50 Musical interval, Raffle draw & Book signings/ author question time
9.50-9.55 Interview WriteInvite online writers group
9.55-11 Music for rest of evening

There are video previews of both books available here:
From Zaftig to Aspie and here: motorbikes, ducks and crispy sweet apples

'From Zaftig to Aspie' is now available to purchase from online shops such as Amazon and The Book Depository as well as by special request from Legend Press and there will be copies on sale at the book launch.

'motorbikes, ducks and crispy sweet apples' is in a queue at the printers but we are anticipating that there will be copies available for sale on the night of the launch.

If you have any questions please email Book Launch Plus at:

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Book movie for 'From Zaftig to Aspie'

Book movie for 'From Zaftig to Aspie'

Find out about the book launch by clicking here

DJ Kirkby's main blog is here

DJ Kirkby's website is here

Saturday, 27 December 2008

First published review for 'From Zaftig to Aspie'

How many of us take the life we live for granted? How many of us never stop to consider where we came from, what made us who we are? How many people never stop to think of what defines us, what shapes us into the people we grow to be?

Growing up in Canada in the 1960’s, DJ Kirkby experienced a life that many of us would have taken for granted. Living in and around Canada, Kirkby lived with her hippie mother and followed her mother wherever her whims took her.

Living with hippies, Kirkby was exposed to a world that was all around us but only few seemed able to see it. She lived with people who “recreated the rules”, who lived their own lives and shaped their own existence.

And what an existence it is.

From a young age, Kirkby knew she was different. She had a different way of looking at the world that had nothing to do with her hippie lifestyle and upbringing. She knew inside of herself that she was different than everyone else around her.

But there were no words to describe her condition, no words to explain what she felt inside of her.

Those words, those powerful words that would put her entire life into perspective, would not come until she was forty years old when she was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.

From Zaftig to Aspie, Kirkby’s moving, incredible memoir of her life, is an incredible, emotional read. There is no way a mere review can recount the richness of Kirkby’s life, the emotion that crackles off the page or the experiences that shaped who she is today. There is no way I could sum up the life that Kirkby has lived in only a few words.

It is a moving, beautiful account of one woman’s fight to understand herself and come to grips with the world around her. It is part memoir, part life puzzle that, once put together, creates a stunning picture of a life in words.

From the first page, I was drawn into Kirkby’s story and just had to keep reading. I have never read something so honest, so moving and so incredibly captivating. More than a study of human nature, what Kirkby has given us is really a life map.

Using select memories to mark her progression from her younger years to the time she was diagnosed with Aspergers, Kirkby is really marking the path she has travelled with memories. She has given us a true gift of a life and has invited us to turn the page and look inside of her.

I could not read From Zaftig to Aspie fast enough. In fact, I’ve read it twice so far and am awed by it’s incredible beauty and it’s story of living life to the fullest and overcoming even the most difficult obstacles. More importantly, it is a portrait of a very misunderstood condition. More people need to read From Zaftig to Aspie so that more people can know about Aspergers Syndrome.

From Zaftig to Aspie is a moving, incredible story of one woman’s will to understand herself. It is an important book and everyone should read it so that they, too, can understand more about Aspergers Syndrome.

More importantly it is the best memoir I have read in years. I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more. And was awed by the power of Kirkby’s words.

Read From Zaftig to Aspie and be enchanted.

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